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Get tips for using tissue paper on Easter eggs in this free video clip about easy Easter crafts for children.

Expert: Stacey Scheideler
Bio: Stacey holds a bachelors of science in education and human sciences, with an endorsement in inclusive early childhood education, specializing in birth to third grade education.
Filmmaker: Jon Olson

Duration : 0:1:9

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11 Responses

lol. that isnt how …
lol. that isnt how u do it. thats way over complicated. you just wet it then put different colored tissue paper squares on. the color leaks out and the colors like combine. when it dries the tissue paper just falls off. it looks really cool. you dont even need dye

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Fuck you

god, dont be over …
god, dont be over eger!

That egg just looks …
That egg just looks blue. What was the point of the tissue paper?



does this really …
does this really work?

wow! in pretty much …
wow! in pretty much every video you say “you should let it sit and dry” and then you take it off when its wet… its smart to show us what it looks like when dine right…



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