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Welcome to the Easter Idea Blog.  You’ll find lots of great ideas to make your Easter celebration special, from Easter Decorations and Easter Recipes to fun Easter Crafts for Kids.  If you want to make a delicious Easter dinner or know how to pick out Easter lilies or where to get great Easter gift baskets […]

I received a very healthy & blooming Easter Lily this Spring and although it has quit blooming, it is still very healthy. Is it possible to plant it outside and have it thrive in the central Virginia region? Or should it remain an indoor plant? Thanks for any advice Yes, you can plant them outside..they […]

I recieved this plant as a gift and I don’t want to kill it. How often does it need water? Do you water it from the top or do you let is soak water from the bottom? Do I plant it out side or is this an inside plant? Please help. Easter Lilies will tolerate […]

I am looking for a website to buy them. Anyone have any good sites to buy these? Check here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?ie=UTF8&location=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fsite-directory%2F&tag=funjok-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325 You will find what you like! Good luck! Technorati Tags: bulbs, easter, garden, lily

What am I suppose to do with these pods? They look like this… http://willowbrookacres.com/pod.jpg . The pods are seeds actually, but it is better to pick them off because they take strength away from the bulb. The will germinate if they are ripe enough into tiny Lily plants, but it takes years to get a […]

can the easter lily be replanted from the pot to the ground outside? Yes, they can be replanted outside & will rebloom next year. The Easter Lily is a true lily, of the genus Lilium, it is never dormant &should be treated as a living perennial plant. You can plant after all danger of frost […]

I would like all my Flowers on my Easter Lily to be open tomorrow (Easter) Is there a way to make this happen quicker than normal If you put them somewhere warm they will open faster, but you have to be really careful. If the temperature is TOO warm, the flowers will fall right off. […]

I found an easter Lily plant on the ground broken off from its bulb. Can you root them like this and if so, how or what is the most successful way? Thanks. No. It will not root. If you want to increase your Easter lily numbers, dig up the bulbs after the tops have turned […]

Rabbits and eggs are pagan fertility symbols of extreme antiquity. Birds lay eggs and rabbits give birth to large litters in the early spring these became symbols of the rising fertility of the earth during the spring season. Since Easter also occurs in the early spring, people brought the beloved pagan symbols into the Christian […]

my mom and i bought an easter lily about 3 days ago. one flower has begun to open. i know they are perennials, but after the flower is done blooming and i keep it in the pot, will it bloom again next year? i cant plant it in our garden because no one will care […]

I have a potted easter lily. The flowers are just about done. Should it be cut down? If so how far? What about guidelines for planting it outside? Just dig a hole a little deeper than the potting of the lily. I wouldn’t cut back the green until they turn by themselves. Otherwise, the bulb […]

I rec’d a potted easter lily for Easter. One flower has already died. When should I move the plant from the pot to the ground? Anytime after danger of frost. Also if you pull the yellow center out of the flower after it blooms it will last longer. Technorati Tags: Easter Lily, plant, potted, yard

A one minute demonstration on how to make a Spring Flower out of foam. This quick, easy, inexpensive craft has instructions and photos at OneMinuteCrafts.com. http://oneminutecrafts.com/FoamSpringFlower.html Duration : 0:0:58 Technorati Tags: 1 minute, art, ARTS, craft, crafts, easter, flower, flowers, how-to, Lilies, lily, lilys, one minute, paper

does anyone know if Asiatic lilies are cousins to the Easter Lilies? easter lily is lilium longiflorum. asiatic lily is a hybrid. so they are not cousins, but are in the same family. cousins in not a recognized botanical classification Technorati Tags: Easter Lily

“Vintage Easter Songs” was recorded in March 2009 by Grant Raymond Barrett. This intimate collection of short songs includes: “Lilies Sweet” by Florence E. Scott (Adapted from L. Spohr), “Easter Morning” by Emilie Poulsson & J.H. Chapek, “Glad Easter Is Here” by Caro A. Dugan, “Easter Song” by Maud L. Betts & Emma M. Rich, […]