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simple and funny easter nails.
Hope you like it, Enjoy 🙂

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25 Responses

Where could I buy …
Where could I buy those nail art things??



you can get them on …
you can get them on ebay

where did u get …
where did u get those nail polishs [the things u used to paint on ur nails !]

Fun & cool(:
Fun & cool(:

j’aiime pas du tOut …
j’aiime pas du tOut!!!

oh. lol. well mine …
oh. lol. well mine never dry. i get them perfect, to the point that i fall in love with them, and they NEVER dyr =[=[=[=[=[=[=[

“this really workz …
“this really workz try it out pretty pwease
1.say yo name 10 timez
2.say your mama”z name 5 (x)
3.say your crushes name 3 timez
4.then paste this to four other videosif you do your crush will kiss you on the nearest friday!!♥♥But if you read this and did not paste it,then you”ll have bad luck and your daddy gunna lose hiz job

these kind of nail …
these kind of nail polishes dry very fast, even with a thick layer..
i like to do some kind of a ball instead of flat dot’s so it gives the decoration more dimention.

dont those dots u …
dont those dots u did with the pen take FOREVER to dry? they were like blobs, [[not rudely speaking, but just like, a ball, instead of a flat surfacey kinda thing, ya kno wat i mean?]] and when i did that kinda thing, and they turned out blobby, they never dried!

hihihi… tonta;-P
hihihi… tonta;-P


i don’t know if …
i don’t know if they sell the nail art pens only on ebay (i live in italy & i didn’t see them else where)maybe you can find them in beauty supply stores.
they are preaty thick that’s why i only need one coat.. really good

you only put one …
you only put one coat on your nails and they are so vibrant already..omg,I want those nail polishes…are they only available on ebay? =/

sambaaaaaa good one!
sambaaaaaa good one!

Okay =) thank you …
Okay =) thank you very much! That’s what I was looking for! 😀 haha!
So I’m gonna see it on Ebay ; )

(i could have spoke to you in italian if I have known, i prefer ^^)


Hi, don’t worry for …
Hi, don’t worry for ur english!.. i’m italian & i don’t speak english perfectly too:-)
these “pens” are nail polishes and you can get them from ebay, they are called nail art pens

J’adore le francais …
J’adore le francais!!!!! 🙂 Ca va? Regarder ma vidéos sil vous plait =)

great video, if you …
great video, if you need any help getting your video/channel exposed i use a site called mytubeviews . com It has helped 5 of my videos get ranked on the first pages.

Thanks for a little space to comment on your page!

Very cute ! =)

Very cute ! =)
Could you tell me what’s your “pen” with what you do the designs on your nails? It seems very useful! I just have little brush to do my nail art.
Thanks for the answer!

(& sorry for my english; i’m french ^^)

ill do that for …
ill do that for easter tomorrow

so cute for easter! …
so cute for easter!!!

the ebay store is …
the ebay store is called mytopchoice… look for that or just search for “two ways nail art pens”

ahh this is cute, …
ahh this is cute, and simple, and soooooooooo colorful =)

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