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Vintage! 1986 Hallmark Easter Bunny Rabbit Honeycomb Centerpiece

i wanna make a few little decorations for our family Easter party, and i thought it would be cute to make some honeycomb Easter Decorations, unfortunately i cant seem to find any instructions on how to do so online…someone please help me.

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlNhmgtopOE
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Find out what easter is really about and what it means to you

*** awake 1993 11/22 pp. 13-14 The Facts Behind Christmas, Easter, and Halloween ***
Is It Easter—or Astarte?
This family’s holiday festivities begin early in the morning as they rise to greet the sunrise with reverent awe. The children are decked in the best new finery, complete with new bonnets. The celebration includes emblems of rabbits, baskets full of gaily colored eggs, and hot cross buns. It must be Easter. Or is it?
Springtime was sacred to the sex worshipers of Phoenicia. Their fertility goddess, Astarte, or Ishtar (Aphrodite to the Greeks), had as her symbols the egg and the hare. She had an insatiable thirst for blood and immoral sex. Her statues variously depicted her as having rudely exaggerated sex organs or with an egg in her hand and a rabbit at her side. Sacred prostitution was part of her cult. In Canaan, the sex goddess was styled the wife of Baal. She was honored by drunken sex orgies, the worshipers believing that their sexual intercourse helped to bring about the full awakening and mating of Baal with his wife. According to the book Recent Discoveries in Bible Lands, “in no country has so relatively great a number of figurines of the naked goddess of fertility, some distinctly obscene, been found.”
Beneath memorials to her in Carthage, brightly colored urns were discovered containing the charred bones of little children. Their parents, commonly people of rank and title, sought the blessing of the gods on their wealth and influence. Some of the urns were found to contain the remains of several children of different ages, perhaps of the same family.
A look at the box above will show how thinly disguised the modern versions of these ancient rites are. Even the name Easter is barely different from the ancient pagan name. Is this, then, the way to honor the holy Son of God?
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