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This year, make an Easter basket that your children will remember forever.

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20 Responses

yeah if u find a …
yeah if u find a video on making baskets…please tell me…i really want to learn about the art of baskets lol

hey me too. im …
hey me too. im loking for a way to make a basket. i dont care about easter baskets. lol.

i thought it would …
i thought it would tell how to make the basket not how to decorate it for a kid haha

This vid’s good for …
This vid’s good for a laugh!

Im pretty sure …
Im pretty sure jesus and god dont have anything against an opinion

wow you are one …
wow you are one smart person when it comes to easter

lol, random 😀
lol, random 😀

I’m sorry, just …
I’m sorry, just gotta say it… 13th!


lol, PEEPS
lol, PEEPS

this is nice
this is nice


WOW… *yawn* this …
WOW… *yawn* this is *yawns again* lame…

Thanks U ave Just …
Thanks U ave Just Made My Day

is that because you …
is that because you never got any candy on easter as a child? poor sapp. when i get the candy from the “Easter bunny” i will eat some with you in mind. lolz. ta-tah now…

Cookie was here
Cookie was here

Wait hold up!!! …
Wait hold up!!! Your telling me that the easter bunny isn’t real!!!! LOL JKing

if u played halo 3 …
if u played halo 3 the start sounds like the grunt birthday party skull lol

Your going to hell. …
Your going to hell. Jesus and God frown on you.

Easter sucks.
Easter sucks.

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