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This bunny looks like Jerry Lewis, but sweeter! Adorable bunny cupcake perfect for Easter celebrations. It’s packed with more sugar than we usually use in our recipes – so don’t be surprised if you’re bouncin’ around like a bunny!

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21 Responses

oh shes so cute 🙂
oh shes so cute 🙂

i cant stop watchin …
i cant stop watchin this

now im hungry D:
now im hungry D:

There is another …
There is another way to make bunny or chick cupcakes! if you want to know how, just comment me and i will tell you how to make a bunny with a head made out of doughnut holes!

the new fluffy bunny
the new fluffy bunny

If you cut the …
If you cut the marshmallow’s that are already cut and cut then again and istead of chocolate eggs use sprincles and arange them into eye, wiskers and nose but not any teeth it will really look like a perfect bunny BUT that’s really great that your interested on bakeing that how i started and now i have my own bakery!!!

Try cutting the …
Try cutting the marshmellows

Aww the bunny is …
Aww the bunny is pretty sinister but this is cute. 🙂

A note to …
A note to dancencheerleading:

Look for the Spatulatta Cookbook published by Scholastic. It’s really fun and lots of great recipes.

Sooo cute and …
Sooo cute and sounds yummy!

YUMMY! Oh and the …
YUMMY! Oh and the ears are like peeps….I can make a fortune at my school from selling those!

your a …

your a good little cook!!!!!!!
u should make a cook book

theres like sirens …
theres like sirens going on in the background

looks so good
looks so good

yum! =3
man i want …

yum! =3
man i want to eat those marshmellows so bad

MMM, looks like
the …

MMM, looks like
the perfect recipe for a sugar rush!


eh me gawd! That …
eh me gawd! That was enchanting and quite frankly i liked the way the bunny ears r bright pink and so commercial. so delighting. ha ha ha i sound old and brittle. but im not. lol nice!

Cracked me up. …
Cracked me up. YouTube put up a Jerry Lewis interview as a related video!

Well done little …
Well done little girly! You could present a cookery show one day!!


Whoa! That DID look …
Whoa! That DID look like Jerry Lewis!! lol-she did a wonderful job, great tutorial!!

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