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http://www.WatchMojo.com recipes: Hot cross buns are traditional fare for Christian Easter. Usually eaten on Good Friday, the cross marked on top serves as a symbol for Jesus’ crucifixion. In this video, learn step by step how to make these sweet rolls.

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12 Responses

Low fat milk also …
Low fat milk also can use in the recipe right?

fat free has a …
fat free has a lower content of the animal fat compared to low fat milk. meaning if you were to consume fat free milk, the amount of calories would also be lesser than low fat milk intake.

fat free milk looks runny. but both is healthy compared to whole milk (: hope that helps.

So what the …
So what the different?


I love her big …
I love her big glass bowls and how she uses martini and champane glasses to hold the ingredients 🙂

oH baby! That looks …
oH baby! That looks amamzing, halleujah, very useful video.

is fat-free milk …
is fat-free milk same as low fat milk?


very helpful! …
very helpful! thanks a lot!

finally a proper …
finally a proper hot cross bun thing

every other video is stupid

nice 🙂
nice 🙂

very interesting!!! …
very interesting!!! thanks!

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