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It is just my two children 1yr and 5yrs old. We dont know any other children and they are the only kids so far in the family(thats around). What are some special crafts or ideas can I do with them and for them for easter? IM OPEN TO ALL IDEAS 🙂

make some fun activities like scavenger hunts for eggs or tell kids to paint on the boiled eggs. have fun!

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teach them how to make a cross and about Jesus. He is our Passover. It should be called that anyway.
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of course the cliche easter egg decorating… its always fun with the young ones.

Also just simple things like coloring and learning about the traditions. since you have a five year old, it would be a perfect time to start teaching him/her about easter.
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for the 1 yr old, She/he wouldn’t know much yet, so maybe just read to her a colourful easter book. But as for the 5 yr old, she would love making easter baskets, easter bunny ears, a colour ins.

Hope I helped

P>S Tell them I say happy easter:)
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Easter Egg hunting at a church or w/family.There’s all kinds of craft sites for Easter on the web…for young children.
When my kido’s got old enough to understand the true meaning, I would ask them Easter morning what the meaning of Easter was really about. And instead of a basket full of candy, I would buy them something pertaining to the holiday. Such as a crucifix necklace, christian coloring books, bible, etc. They were given candy too, but not that much.
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make some fun activities like scavenger hunts for eggs or tell kids to paint on the boiled eggs. have fun!
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Take them to Church to give them a sense of the spiritual nature of the holiday. Take them to the city Easter Egg hunt that will most surely be happening somewhere near where you live. Get some egg coloring/decorating kits and boil eggs and color those. My kids have always loved that…they have glitter glue and tie dye, swirly colors, and good old vinegar & food coloring tablets.

A fun food craft is to make from frozen bread dough a little sheep, really cute and fun to have them help with Easter dinner.
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