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I have 3 siblings, an 8 year old brother, a 7 year old sister, and a 6 year old brother.
I recently left my job, and i dont really have the money to spend on their easter gifts like I usually do. My step father makes a lot of money and I always feel like he competes with my gifts, I get something great – he has to get something outrageous.
I cant compete anymore…

The kids are spoiled so I’m worried that they wont be grateful for what I give them… Its a terrible feeling. Not only that, but the 7 and 8 year old will be turning into 8 and 9 years old in april (so i’ll be going gift shoping once again)

I decided that instead of putting together easter baskets, or buying a pre-made one…that I’ll put together an easter egg hunt for them. I bought 60 eggs and filled them with their favorite candy (so each can possibly get 30 eggs)
I did this becuase they’ll be getting their easter candy in a fun way (they love egg huts)
I also bought an empty easter bucket for each child

That is an excellent idea! A gift like that is hard to top, because the kids get to do something fun which builds memories which last forever. Very clever 🙂 lol

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That is an excellent idea! A gift like that is hard to top, because the kids get to do something fun which builds memories which last forever. Very clever 🙂 lol
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that is a great idea!!!!! ur stepdad is a bit immature to be competing with you…they should be happy with that gift and its very creative!!!
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Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, valentine’s, or other special days and events I also have the same problem with the well-to-doers in my family. You can’t compete with the ones who have more to spend and it’s just not personally financially responsible to do so. SO, I come up with ideas that are very personal and involve quality time. Your Easter Egg hunt is a great idea! That will make for a great memory for them. Some of the personal things I do (and these are all for kids): I write poems that rhyme with their age, frame a picture of us together, a handmade card with a special note inside, a picnic/day at the park, plan a day to include lunch at a fun age appropriate place and visit a store that has to do with their favorite hobby. I have one neice who loves books. She loves to get a hot chocolate at Starbucks and then go into Barnes and Noble and pick out a book. I have a nephew who collects baseball cards. Even though he’s spoiled rotten and has all the best in designer clothes and electronics, he’s thrilled with just running into Target to pick out a giant box of cards for $20. It’s the one-on-one attention that they love and the opportunity to spend a day with me. I let them talk and talk and talk – they think I’m the best! Lunch and a movie. A new board game and set aside a "special day with Aunt _____ to play it." It’s the twinkle in your eyes, the smile in your heart and the quality time that you spend with them that will be the gift of you that they will always remember. Be confident in not needing to compete with your stepdad – you’re not him – you’re you!!! 🙂
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